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This approach to designing and building cleanrooms means that we are able to offer tailored solutions to our customers worldwide whom we consider as real partners.


The customer relationship

In France, the rest of Europe and throughout the entire world, our customers have very different businesses, expectations, requirements and goals.


Clestra Cleanroom has founded its relationship with customers on excellent knowledge of their specific sectors and therefore on understanding their needs in terms of modular cleanrooms and dust-free rooms. This approach to designing and building cleanrooms means that we are able to offer tailored solutions to our customers throughout the world, who therefore tend to see us more as added-value partners rather than mere suppliers.


Adhering to time scales

Clestra Cleanroom's facilities must be operational on schedule, as agreed, and with no surprises. We understand the scale of the challenges faced by our customers. 


We deploy specific skills and resources to ensure budget and timelines are met, worldwide, be they turnkey or partition and ceiling projects.



We do not see quality as a constraint - it is our mission. Clestra Cleanroom has adopted a proactive approach to quality by systematically pursuing certifications for its products, often anticipating their requirements.


Its modular or turnkey cleanroom facilities are totally reliable, long-lasting and guaranteed from the design phase through to installation, including the production and assembly processes. 
They guarantee our clients, an optimal quality of cleanrooms for their work.



Clestra Cleanroom's potential and its ability to deal with any high-tech cleanroom or controlled environment projects are based, on the one hand, on its sector-specific skills, and on the other hand, on the powerful industrial and logistical resources of Clestra. The group's 24 subsidiaries, four plants and over 1,250 employees located throughout the globe, guarantee the resources, longevity and quality of its production.


Sustainable Development

Clestra is ISO 14001-certified for its Gumi factory (korea) and is in the process of certification for the european factories.
The Strasbourg factory (head office) has committed to a triple certification process for 2009:
Quality, Environment and Safety according to standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


In addition to adherence to laws relating to environmental protection, their objectives are as follows:

  • Reducing environmental and safety impacts resulting from our processes and businesses; to this end, using natural resources and energy more judiciously thanks to mastery of management systems requiring continuous improvement of environmental policy performance.
  • Regularly carrying out audits of processes and businesses in order to assess performance and ensure that the rules and objectives that govern the Strasbourg site are adhered to.